Translation Display System (Chrome Extension)

Our unique Chrome extension provides an interactive way to display translated texts on top of the official manga websites. Readers can use our extension to load a “translation text file” from our site or their local computers. Our extension will then redirect them to the official webpage of the corresponding manga episode, and display the translated text through an overlying UI system.

Our website and Chrome extension do not store or distribute manga image content, and therefore strictly comply with copyright laws and regulations.

How do I use it? Video Tutorial

Parts 1-3 of the video are for manga readers. Parts 4-5 are for translators.

How do I use it? Word Tutorial

This is the main menu of the extension:

To load a translation file provided by us (, simply type in the manga ID in the text box, and then press “import”.

You can try this operation with the manga ID: majiyabai_sample_en

To load a translation file from your local computer (e.g. your received a translation file from you friend, or downloaded the file through another website), you click the “browse” button. Note that the file should be in plain text (.txt) or Extensible Markup Language (.xml) format.

After the file is loaded, the extension will redirect you to the official webpage of the corresponding manga episode. (Note: the link of the official webpage is included in the translation file.)

A green frame (rectangle) will be displayed on top of the webpage. Drag it around and resize it (bottom right corner) to align it with each page of the manga. Hover your mouse cursor over the green “…” bubbles to view the translated text. Use the “Next” and “Prev.” buttons on the control panel to change pages.

When you change pages using our extension, it will try to scroll the webpage if necessary, to sync the manga image with the translation displayed on the green frame. However, due to technical limitations, it may not work on all websites. In this case, you will need to scroll or navigate the manga webpage by yourself.

>>> For translators, please click here to learn more. <<<