[Ep.80] I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend into a Girl – English Synopsis

Koisuru (Otome) no Tsukurikata ・ 恋する(おとめ)の作り方

By: 万丈梓 ・ Azusa Banjo

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Episode 80 – English synopsis

简体中文版 – 按这里

香港繁中版 – 撳呢度


(Recap of last episode: A classmate accidentally spilled some paint and stained the mermaid suit that Hiura was going to use on stage)
Both: What should we do?
Classmates’ discussion: Is there an alternative costume? -> But we don’t have any materials.
Yoimachi has a flash of inspiration and seems to think of something.


Everyone discussing: do we still have usable stuff? -> But isn’t our theme mermaid? Will this work?
Mido: Yes, it will.


Mido: (Cont’d) If it is Hiura, I am sure it will work. -> Let’s do it. There isn’t another way. (Starting to coordinate work among classmates.)


Mido: (continues to lead his classmates, asking for modification of the story to accommodate the design changes)
Male classmate: We can’t go back in time, so what we can do now is to act positively and enjoy the show.
(Everybody gets excited.)


The three: finally…
Kaga: Time is running out. Go to the back stage to do the make-up now.
The girls: The on-stage dialogues and movements are radically changed. Is Hiura up to it? -> We can say for sure, but…


The girls: (Cont’d) well, at this point, we have to trust him.
Mido: Hiura, are you alright?
Hiura: I went to toilet so many times already, but I still feel something about to leak out…
Hiura: (seriously) Although I really want to escape, when I think about it, the me of the past would have never imagined the crazy things I had gone through. This type of things is mission impossible to me to start with…


Hiura: (Cont’d) Nonetheless, I have made up my mind. I will accompany you (Mido) and help you fulfill your dream. Plus, I want to leave good memories to all the classmates who have been working so hard. I cannot give up here!


Mido: Great, you finally stop shaking


Mido: No problem, you can make it. I believe in you.
-> Moreover… (whispering)
-> So, be confident, let’s go!


(On stage) The MC thanks class 2A for their performance and invite class 2B to the stage.


Female audience: Isn’t that cross-dressing boy the main performer of class 2B? -> how interesting…
Narrator: (starts story telling) The mermaid who fell in love with the human prince, obtained her legs through the magical potion. However, if she could not get respond for her love, she will turn into bubbles and disappear forever.


Narrator: (Cont’d) But the mermaid understood that there were a lot of talented and brilliant women accompanying the prince. She couldn’t even speak; how could she compete with them?
-> Thus, the mermaid made up her mind, and stepped forward.
(Narrator’s inner thought: all on you, Hiura!)


Narrator: (Cont’d) She did not stick to the form of a “princess” in order to win the heart of the prince!




[Translator’s note: Oh no, my nose bleeding…]


[Translator died of over bleeding]

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